Costa Blanca

Feature Film

Writer/Director: Jack King

Part Magic-realist caper, Part allegorical horror, Costa Blanca is ‘Paper Moon’ via the dark, heightened realism of Jonathan Glazer; turning into a nightmarish fever-dream reminiscent of Fellini’s ‘Toby Dammit’ , creating an atmospheric, ‘alternative’ father-daughter drama about failure and the healing power of belief. 

‘Costa Blanca’ is a dark magic-realist drama about MARTIN WAYNE (47), a washed up former TV magician and performer who, after fading into obscurity, seeks reinvention and romance on the Costa Blanca coastline with last-ditch hopes to start afresh as an attraction on the islands fabled entertainment district. After a stint of dead ends and no-luck, Martin meets DEAN, a flamboyant club-owner who offers up a household weekly spot and lodging at his popular Cabaret and Caravan site. It’s here Martin makes an unlikely friend in SELINA (10); a Spanish ‘street-kid’ from out of town known to loot the caravan’s of departed holiday-makers on the site.


One night, Selina reveals an uncanny flare for magic, and more surprisingly to Martin, a talent of apparently supernatural promise. Martin quickly sees an opportunity for the pair to team up, and as they get to setting the bars and clubs of Costa Blanca alight, success and all its trappings are once again on the horizon for Martin. But as glory beckons, so does Martin’s dark past, and ugly shadows of his former self begin to emerge, leaving Selina eventually cast aside, not unlike all others before her. Only she isn’t like the others; and as she turns to the dark forces within her; Martin is finally forced to pay for his selfish mistakes.

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