Emkhatsini (Between)

Feature Film - Surreal Drama

Writer/Director: Taratoa Stappard

Jess, a black anaesthesiologist from London, awakes suddenly in the middle of a lake being, called out to by constance, a middle-aged Swazi woman standing on a houseboat, wearing a suit, holding out a towel.


‘Wemukelekile! It’s my job to inform you, you’re dead… almost. Come and dry off’.

Her body still laid in a coma back in a South London I.C.U, Jess's problems in the afterlife have only just begun as she’s been mistakenly dispatched to the wrong one… The Kingdom of Eswatini, Africa. Her new reality is Emkhatsini, or ‘Between’, and in the next 72 hours she must decide the fate of her fellow travellers or face being left 'between' forever.

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