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Iris Prize Best British 2021 on Channel 4/All4

Missi Sutcliffe

24 Nov 2021

Watch 'Pop' on All4/Channel4

Thanks to the support of Channel 4 Television, we are pleased to announce that the Strive Films produced short ‘Pop’, written and directed by Margo Roe, has been acquired by the broadcaster!

All 15 of the shorts from the Iris Prize Best British final, including ‘Pop’, will be available for one year on All4, the broadcasters streaming platform, and the first linear transmission will be on Channel 4 on 29th November.

The schedule for broadcast on Channel 4 (with availability starting on All4 the following day) is:
DARK DAYS on Monday 29th November @ 01.30  (Factory Talk / Baby Boy / Pop / Inertia / Birthday Boy)
SMILE will air Tuesday 30th November @ 01.30.   (Cwch Deilen / Silver and Gold / Dragged Up / From A to Q / S.A.M.)
RESILIENCE on  Wednesday 1st December @ 02.00 (Lesbian / Three Letters / Acrimonious / Baba / Split Sole)

Make sure you tune in to Channel 4 at 01:30am on 29th November to watch ‘Pop’, which stars Stephen Graham. The short follows a young boy, Jack, as he explores his own identity by befriending the recently released ex-convict, Pop. The pair bond, but Pop's past and his inability to control his emotions threaten to put Jack in danger.

Viewers will be able to watch both the compiled programmes and the individual films on All4 from the week commencing 29th November.  Just search ‘Iris Prize’ on All4 to find the content or use the following link:

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